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We need to bring Life into our Personal Video

God is the Sovereign Creator and Ruler of the Universe

God is Spirit and is not subject to time, space and matter.

God created us as spiritual beings with a covering of a physical body for the purpose of living in a physical world.

The spiritual part of us is not subject to time space and matter, but our physical part is subject thereto for a period of about 70-80 years before our spirit returns to God from whom it came.

God is aware of every sound, thought, word and action in both the spiritual realm and our physical realm.

God sees and knows the end from the beginning like a snapshot – because He ordained it. We only experience our lives like an ongoing video, not knowing what lies ahead.

God has given us a scripted snapshot of everything that He has ordained for us and expects us to live by it. That scripted snapshot is the Bible.

We don’t know when our personal little videos will come to an end, but God does – and then our little videos will be lined up with the scripted snapshot He gave us, namely, the Bible.

God already knows what is in our little videos, but He needs to show us whether or not the Cross of Jesus played a role or not. And that is the absolute, defining criteria that will determine our destiny – either Heaven or Hell forever.

Therefore, we need to examine our personal little videos while it is still running and bring Jesus into it as a matter of urgency. Find out the why, where, what, when and how of it in God’s scripted snapshot for us, the Bible.

If you are busy reading this line – then your personal video is still running…


Published by earthboundlife

Background marketing/advertising. Enjoy writing on the subject of the human make-up based on many years of study in this area.

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