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Throwing some Light on the Human Soul

In order for us to have a better understanding of ourselves as human beings it is important to know what the human soul really is. Knowledge in this area can avert a great many ills. Look what the chicken brought inBreak out a few eggs into a cold frying pan sitting atop a cold plateContinue reading “Throwing some Light on the Human Soul”

We need to bring Life into our Personal Video

God is the Sovereign Creator and Ruler of the Universe God is Spirit and is not subject to time, space and matter. God created us as spiritual beings with a covering of a physical body for the purpose of living in a physical world. The spiritual part of us is not subject to time spaceContinue reading “We need to bring Life into our Personal Video”

A 1000-page Treatise on the Plight of the Human Race condensed into a very tight Nutshell

MAN DIED: “For as in Adam all die, …”  (1Cor. 15:22)           MAN PLUNGED INTO DARKNESS: “…and the whole world lies in wickedness.” (1John 5:19) MAN’S REDEMPTION MADE POSSIBLE: “For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.’ ((1Cor. 15:22)FOR THOSE WHO BELIEVE: “For God so loved the world, thatContinue reading “A 1000-page Treatise on the Plight of the Human Race condensed into a very tight Nutshell”

The Meaning of the Rent Curtain

What is God’s attitude towards his human creation today? Where is God when a toddler falls into a backyard pool and drowns? Why is a good person allowed to die tragically while bad people appear to get away with murder?  Why do thousands of poor people die in “natural” disasters and the survivors left homeless?Continue reading “The Meaning of the Rent Curtain”

Welcome to the Gate – The Cross at Calvary

The Cross at Calvary is narrow … and points upwards to Heaven … and the arms thereof stretch out to the Northern and Southern hemispheres of the world … where the roads are wide, without cause and leading nowhere forever. All are welcome to come to the Gate … if they care to come.It beckonsContinue reading “Welcome to the Gate – The Cross at Calvary”

The Source of your Being

What makes it possible for you to drive a car, push a lawnmower, swing a golf club or perform any physical action? It is your spirit that makes all physical action possible. Your entire human body, including your brain, is the mechanism that your spirit (the real you) uses to animate your spirit, the realContinue reading “The Source of your Being”

The Soul Train is speeding up – make your move to the rear couch

The Real World has access to your life as a matter of course. There is nothing you can do to change this fact, but you can influence the Real World by your thoughts and words. If you do not take control of the Real World by what you think and say, the Real World willContinue reading “The Soul Train is speeding up – make your move to the rear couch”


The above is the title of the very first book I wrote in 1998. I bound it and shelved it. In retrospect, I should have published it as an e-book at the first opportunity, but I simply forgot about it and twelve years later I commenced writing articles and other e-books. Recently, for some reason,Continue reading “THE VOICE OF YOUR SPIRIT – THE WORD OF YOUR POWER”

Are we here to have fun and enjoy ongoing satisfaction?

Most members of humankind will confer that life is not a bed of roses. Total happiness merely interjects on occasion while hardships, disappointments, conflicts and tragedies seem to take center-stage in life. We all want and seek the good things in life. During our childhood years our parents, by providing all our needs and mostContinue reading “Are we here to have fun and enjoy ongoing satisfaction?”