Be drawn to God or remain dead while you live.

Have you ever wondered how it is possible for you to get into your car, turn on the engine, and drive off? It’s really very simple. The only reason why you are able to do so is because the very Life of God is in you. It is called the Breath of Life. The BreathContinue reading “Be drawn to God or remain dead while you live.”

Political parties in South Africa – quest to serve or to seize power?

“If a political party does not have its foundation in the determination to advance a cause that is right and moral, then it is not a political party. It is a conspiracy to seize power.” —President Dwight D. Eisenhower, March 6, 1956

Your SPIRIT and your SOUL are joined at the hip.

There is a COMPUTER DATABASE located deep inside your SPIRIT. Everything you’ve ever experienced in your own life – your memories, emotions, thoughts, words, deeds and knowledge from education – is stored here.   All of this is referred to as your SOUL – also known as your BOOK OF LFE. Your SPIRIT has aContinue reading “Your SPIRIT and your SOUL are joined at the hip.”

Choosing NOT to See when you are called to SEE

Our physical senses absorb the things of this world and we tend to live by what we experience in this natural world. Not many realise that our natural world is a created product and that we, ourselves, were created to be the inhabitants thereof. Not only are we to live in this natural world, butContinue reading “Choosing NOT to See when you are called to SEE”

Your spirit and your mouth

You get to know someone by what comes out of their mouth. Their WORD comes out of their mouth. If you know someone’s WORD  you’ll  also be acquainted with that person’s SPIRIT. When your SPIRIT speaks it simultaneously instructs your brain to open your mouth so that the WORDS of your SPIRIT may be formedContinue reading “Your spirit and your mouth”

The Spiritual Kingdom of Jesus Christ and Secular Israel

Certain Prophecy preachers/teachers need to read the lips of the prophets and Jesus Christ concerning the permanent demise of the national House of Israel. Money is pouring in either to assist Jewish people to return to their ancient land or for so-called humanitarian purposes in Israel at the behest of Bible prophecy teachers such asContinue reading “The Spiritual Kingdom of Jesus Christ and Secular Israel”

Amazing Facts to Live by

However we try, we simply cannot escape the central facts about life. Our ideas and philosophies and even our sense of self-importance rise to the surface only because of these facts. Without these facts, we would not exist. But because of these facts, we do exist. Many exalt themselves and their achievements to impress others,Continue reading “Amazing Facts to Live by”

Vaccination Madness – The Good, the Bad and the Evil

Governments of the world are bleating like lambs to the slaughter as they fall for the misinformation from the evil side of the medical profession. The latter are following orders from those in charge of world affairs who have launched their programme to ‘reset’ the world.  Pharmaceutical companies have yet to test their vaccination productsContinue reading “Vaccination Madness – The Good, the Bad and the Evil”

Covid jabs; a world-wide cessation on the cards?

The voices of highly qualified scientists in the medical field are getting louder and louder in their opposition to the Covid vaccination drive. The powers that be are hard at work endeavouring to silence those voices, but their wet blankets trying to beat a few flames to death are becoming like wet handkerchiefs beating downContinue reading “Covid jabs; a world-wide cessation on the cards?”

You are in a Reality Show and perhaps you didn’t know it

Not many know that there is an announcement looming concerning the last episode of the most popular reality show on earth. Already written for airing, this announcement is being held in abeyance for sudden pronouncement at an appointed time. This reality show, under the title, “The World”, has been going non-stop 24/7 since the beginningContinue reading “You are in a Reality Show and perhaps you didn’t know it”

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