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How to Switch off your Brain

Although the title of this book alludes to the human brain, it goes far deeper than that. The reader will discover that the assumption held by all and sundry that the brain is responsible for conjuring up ideas, thoughts and words and that it is the storage vault for all our memories is a totally unfounded assumption. The fact is, the human spirit is solely responsible for all of the above and more.

At this very moment in time, brain researchers and neuroscientists are funded to explore and unravel the mystery of the human brain while about 7 billion people are going about their daily business using their minds without a second thought about the workings of the 3-pound organ lodged between their ears.

Here is just one statement, out of many, made about the human brain by both ordinary observers and scientists in the field of brain research.

“The human brain is a knot of 100 billion neurons and support cells. We can store a lifetime of memories there. We can use it to write sonnets and build airplanes. Sure, an elephant’s brain is larger, weighs more, and has more neurons, but elephants also lack our abilities. Intrigued? Scientists sure are. That’s one reason why they are mapping the human brain, a substantial project that could take decades to complete.”

Imagine that, “a substantial project that could “take decades to complete”? This little book is about to cut that time to zero and reveal the already unravelled mystery and hand it to the researchers on a platter.

Want a life-changing revelation? Read this book.



What the World needs now

Our lives are in subjection to a mystery which has total control over our destiny as members of the human race. Remaining blind to the reality of this mystery is nothing short of being captive to an unseen force bent on destroying our lives before we can discover the truth that will set us free.

Being set free from this captivity means the beginning of a new and abundant life of which we are in total control and armed with the ability to navigate through the demands of life with great success.

It is a vital necessity that everyone should receive a revelation of what this mystery is so that the true reality of life also becomes absolutely clear.

At this moment in time the world is in turmoil, ravaged by wars, terrorism, climate change and plagues (such as Coronavirus and others resurfacing) bringing the world to a standstill.

All of us need to be armed with knowledge that spells out the truth of our existence so that our livelihoods take on a whole new meaning.

The human race is about to enter a period of time that will culminate in a situation that every single human being will have to face.

Life on this planet is but a starting point for each individual privileged to live here. We need to be prepared for what lies ahead.

This book will prepare you.






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