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For those who do not yet know – the WEF and your future

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is the powerhouse elitist group who has been manipulating the world economy as part of their agenda to control and govern the world by splitting world regions into bio-regions under the leadership of those in power of governments willing to fall in line with the WEF’s main goal of depopulating the world. The article below provides the overall picture.

A World On The Edge
By Pastor Roger Anghis. February 12, 2023

One thing that the WEF has to do is destroy capitalism and make the people dependent on the government, i.e. the WEF. One thing to keep in mind about Klaus Schwab he is the son of a major Third Reich industrialist[1] which is where he gets his ‘I’m better than you so do what I say’ attitude. Schwab’s righthand man is straight out of hell. Yuval Noah Harari, a top adviser to the World Economic Forum and close friend of the organization’s founder Klaus Schwab, is making headlines once again after he made some seriously disturbing comments during a recent Ted Audio Collective podcast over the weekend. 

During an interview with Chris Anderson, head of Ted Talks media platform, Harari touted his ideal world, and it is nothing short of a dystopian society.

Apparently to Harari, a homosexual who has no children, human beings “are no longer part of the story of the future” because there is now artificial intelligence and other technologies to replace them with that are far more efficient.

Harari also noted that he believes that people have become disillusioned with politics and the social and economic climate, because they know that the future does not need them.

Read the full article HERE


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