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The 5-level Lockdown Building – soon just a pile of rubble.

The South African Government needs to be commended for having built a 5-storey building overnight – a building so huge that the surface area covered the entire land area of the country. Everyone moved into the top storey of the building to be confined on that floor. Right at the bottom, the ground floor, only businesses and services providing essential goods had the right to be open for business so that everyone on the 5th floor, under lockdown, could take the elevators down to the ground floor for making purchases for essentials only – and then to return to the top floor.

The elevators were policed to ensure that the rules and regulations for movement were adhered to.

There was ranting and raving on the 5th floor by all and sundry. Many were apprehended for overstepping the mark, but many actually acquired the means to obtain illegal goods at a high cost.  Regrettably, a great many of the 5th floor inhabitants lost their jobs and income because of the enforced lockdown.

Thank goodness, on the 1st of May everyone moved down to the 4th floor and the government demolished the 5th floor. Now everyone is a little closer to the ground floor and allowed a little more freedom, but not much. Drinkers and smokers still want to go through the roof – but that would take them to a floor that no longer exists.

Don’t worry, South Africa, soon the 4th floor will also be demolished, taking us all closer and closer to the ground floor where we can start all over again, together, without restrictions. This time each one can build their own building, being a whole lot wiser from the lessons learned from the 5-storey building – now just a pile of rubble.

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Background marketing/advertising. Enjoy writing on the subject of the human make-up based on many years of study in this area.

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