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World-wide Imprisonment by the World Health Organisation and its Masters

Should the South African government be naive enough to place its signature to this “Pandemic Agreement” whereby world health control is handed over to the World Health Organisation (WHO) then the 2020/2021Covid lockdown will be nothing compared to what will follow. Not only that, but there will not be an election in 2024 and theContinue reading “World-wide Imprisonment by the World Health Organisation and its Masters”

The Great Global Coronavirus Deception

Two investigators into the truth behind the Coronavirus outbreak have discovered alarming manifestations of a conspiracy by certain role players to bring the world to its knees for purposes other than the wellbeing of the human race. Bill Gates, the World Health Organisation, The United Nations and pharmaceutical companies are in cahoots in deceiving allContinue reading “The Great Global Coronavirus Deception”

Update on daily Death Rate in South Africa

1500 Deaths daily by road carnage, natural causes and violence.  NO LOCKDOWN 270 Deaths daily by legalised abortion. NO LOCKDOWN 4.5 Deaths per day by Covid-19 infection. LOCKDOWN! LOCKDOWN! LOCKDOWN! The World Health Organisation stated yesterday that Covid-19 is likely to be with us forever. Presumably just like TB, HIV, Malaria, etc. The government rejectedContinue reading “Update on daily Death Rate in South Africa”

World Lockdown – Time to Reflect on the Real Purpose

Our values tend to be determined by our world view, that is, what we consider to be the acceptable norm as willed by those in political power and those who lead the way in commerce, entertainment and religion. Much of the world system is driven and manipulated covertly by the rich elite, a secretive groupContinue reading “World Lockdown – Time to Reflect on the Real Purpose”