Update on daily Death Rate in South Africa

1500 Deaths daily by road carnage, natural causes and violence.  NO LOCKDOWN 270 Deaths daily by legalised abortion. NO LOCKDOWN 4.5 Deaths per day by Covid-19 infection. LOCKDOWN! LOCKDOWN! LOCKDOWN! The World Health Organisation stated yesterday that Covid-19 is likely to be with us forever. Presumably just like TB, HIV, Malaria, etc. The government rejectedContinue reading “Update on daily Death Rate in South Africa”

Opening Statement by the Highest Authority in the Universe

The nation of South Africa – and every nation in the world – is captive to the Babylonian system of politics, commerce, social behaviour and religion. It is a system in rebellion against, in rejection of and at war with the Supreme Ruler and Creator of the Universe. Babylon, in effect, is a dark spiritualContinue reading “Opening Statement by the Highest Authority in the Universe”

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