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The South African Government is busy “saving lives”.

Save lives? A spokesperson (I forget his name) for the govt appeared on television on more than one occasion to elaborate on the measures taken by govt and repeatedly stated that the severity of the lockdown was necessary in order “to save lives”. He used the “to save lives” emphasis many times over when itemisingContinue reading “The South African Government is busy “saving lives”.”

Update on daily Death Rate in South Africa

1500 Deaths daily by road carnage, natural causes and violence.  NO LOCKDOWN 270 Deaths daily by legalised abortion. NO LOCKDOWN 4.5 Deaths per day by Covid-19 infection. LOCKDOWN! LOCKDOWN! LOCKDOWN! The World Health Organisation stated yesterday that Covid-19 is likely to be with us forever. Presumably just like TB, HIV, Malaria, etc. The government rejectedContinue reading “Update on daily Death Rate in South Africa”

The Significance of the Coronavirus Crisis

The world-wide shutdown of human activity as a result of Covid-19 has virtually turned the globe into one big ghost town. Fear has become the common factor running through all of society, but with it has come an enforced unity among nations and peoples with differences set aside to tackle the threat as one. SoContinue reading “The Significance of the Coronavirus Crisis”