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The Spiritual Chariots of the Roman Empire are in full cry

A MUST READ – AND THEN DECIDE FOR YOURSELF.Unseen spiritual forces have the world in the grip of mass suicide by means of a vaccination drive purposed to destroy all elements of the human race not aligned to the City of Babylon. DOWNLOAD FREE

WANTED: Alive and Dead

Did you know that you are on the wanted list along with every person on this planet? And did you know that God wants you off that wanted list? You are a target If you are not a Christian it is very likely that you are unaware that you are being targeted to become aContinue reading “WANTED: Alive and Dead”

CNN, Global lockdown…and Prime Truth Number One

The world’s ignorance of the truth of mankind’s existence is clearly reflected in the stance taken by the news media. Amid the global lockdown concerns and the input of spiritual leaders, CNN (News) reported on and featured a clip showing Dr. Robert Jeffress, a Christian Pastor and one of Pres. Trump’s spiritual advisors, welcoming theContinue reading “CNN, Global lockdown…and Prime Truth Number One”