We Live in Two Worlds

We live by what we see and hear in our world and we tend to believe that’s all there is.
But what we don’t see and hear is in another world – the real world. This unseen world created our world.

This other world is the spiritual world – God’s world.
And the only way we can see and hear the things of the unseen world is to read what God says about the unseen world.

It is required of us to see and hear what God says about His world.
If we don’t do so, then we are in serious trouble, because that’s where we find out about our beginning and about our end.

The fact is, we ourselves are spiritual beings clothed in flesh for only the time that we spend in our world – and then we’ll return to the place from which we came, the spiritual world – God’s world.

And when we return to the spiritual world our eternal destination – heaven or hell – will depend on whether or not we bothered to see and hear what God had to say about our beginning and about our end.

What all of this means is that we need to live in both worlds now in order to gain a clear understanding of both worlds until we leave this world that we will no longer need.

The gist of the matter is what Jesus said:

“I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” (John 14:6)

The Holy Spirit within you

When you become a regenerated, fully converted believer in and follower of Christ, your spirit becomes the home of the Holy Spirit…and He will never leave you.

“And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever; Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it sees him not, neither know him: but ye know him; for he dwells with you, and shall be in you.” (John 14:16,17)

The Holy Spirit will not leave you, even if you sin.
How is this possible?

When the Holy Spirit comes into your spirit He makes a division between your soul and your spirit, and between your body (sinful flesh) and your spirit. The Holy Spirit does not inhabit the breeding ground of our sins.

“For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.” (Heb. 4:12)

Therefore, should you go to a place where you should not go or do something you should not do, the Holy Spirit will not depart from you, but the following will happen.

  1. The Holy Spirit will convict you of your wrongdoing. This means you will feel uncomfortable while you are in error.
  2. Judgement will come upon you and you will suffer the consequences of that judgement. This means you will pay the price for your wrongdoing.

“…For whom the Lord loves he chastens, and scourges every son whom he receives.” (Heb 12:5,6)

After you have been judged and suffered loss for your wrongdoing, repentance will restore your standing before God.

“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” (1John 1:8,9)

So, the next time you’re about to go where you should not go or do what you should not do, don’t for one minute think that the Holy Spirit will not be there to see you, convict you and to let judgement befall you.


(All of the following (only an overview) is no thumb-suck information; it comes from documented proof as presented by those in the know in the medical profession and who have either been silenced or barred from practising their profession, but are intensely continuing their protests on secured platforms.)

The Subject is Covid-19.

Firstly, what is a pathogen? Here are some of the definitions.
“A pathogen is a microorganism that causes, or can cause, disease. Pathogens include viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites that invade the body and can cause health issues. Every single living thing, even bacteria themselves, can get infected with a pathogen.”

“Influenza viruses are significant human respiratory pathogens that cause both seasonal, endemic infections and periodic, unpredictable pandemics.”

“Your body makes proteins called antibodies that destroy abnormal or foreign cells. They help fend off common ailments like the flu or a cold. You also have another response known as the “cell-mediated immune system,” which also attacks pathogens like bacteria and virus-infected cells.”

So it seems that we are all susceptible to the intrusion of some form of pathogen, but our immune system (unless weak) is able to arrest and even eliminate such dangers.

NOW HERE’S THE PROBLEM. The testing methods for Covid-19 cannot and does not identify the (purposely-created) Covid virus in order to isolate it for treatment purposes. Pharmaceutical companies take up to 9 years to research, test and develop vaccines against a specifically isolated and identified virus, so they came up with a rushed product and obtained emergency approval for the release and marketing of same.

SO WHAT DOES A COVID-19 TEST UNCOVER? The test “looks” for any form of pathogen (as explained earlier) and if present in the body your test will be labelled as “positive”, even if just the common flu virus or some form of respiratory virus which your own immune system is busy combating at the time of the test. The chances of it being the actual Covid-19 virus is slim.

SO WHAT IS THE COVID-19 VACCINATION PRODUCT? A Covid vaccination is supposed to boost your own immune system with the introduction of a spike protein, but it has been found to actually nullify your own immune system’s proper functioning and, consequently, rendering severe damage to your immune system’s capabilities. Besides that, the Covid “vaccination mixture” causes an untold number of serious side effects.

THE COMMON FLU VIRUS CAN PUT YOU IN BED AND EVEN PROVE FATAL DEPENDING ON YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM AND/OR TREATMENT. Close to a million people die from flu world-wide every year, but since the advent of Covid-19, common flu statistics have disappeared and have conveniently been roped in for inclusion under the banner named “Covid-related”.

Here’s what is reported concerning flu deaths:
“Until recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimated the annual mortality burden of influenza to be 250 000 to 500 000 all-cause deaths globally; however, a 2017 study indicated a substantially higher mortality burden, at 290 000-650 000 influenza-associated deaths from respiratory causes alone, and a 2019 study estimated 99 000-200 000 deaths from lower respiratory tract infections directly caused by influenza. Here we revisit global and regional estimates of influenza mortality burden and explore mortality trends over time and geography.”
Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6815659/

THE RECOVERY RATE. There is no longer an official recovery rate for the common flu, unless one contracted flu and recovered from it without the Covid “vaccination”, in which case it remains a secret. The reason a 97% recovery rate from Covid-19 is continually being reported is because this virtually represents the entire recovery rate for the common flu, which means there never needed to be a world-wide lockdown for a pandemic that never existed. But, in the words of one Dr. Anthony Fauci (now under investigation), supported by his cohorts, he declared that people would not be scared enough (for sinister purposes) of the common flu should a world-wide pandemic be created for same, hence the creation of the Covid variety in a Wuhan laboratory funded under the direction of Dr. Fauci.

Billions were made by “Big Pharma”, Dr. Fauci and company as well as about 40% of the members of American Congress who own stock in Big Pharma, hence the hesitant stance by American politicians to expose and act against the ‘scam”-demic.

THE POSITIVE-TEST REPORTING CONTINUES UNABATED. On a daily basis the news media provides the number of Covid “positives” for the day as reported by the test labs. Of course, as pointed out, any pathogens detected is automatically considered to be of the Covid kind. Soon these daily positives move into the 97% recovery-rate zone – and so this crazy cycle of manipulation will continue verbatim – unless justice finally enters the fray and judgment is meted out to the perpetrators in this grand scheme to depopulate the human race.

With winter now approaching in the southern hemisphere, all forms of pathogen of the respiratory kind (mostly the common flu) will become prevalent in the human body, meaning a fake increase in Covid positives. No doubt, this will be construed as a “new wave” calling for an extension of the lower end of the lockdown rules in place and the enforcement of mandatory Covid “vaccinations”.

Hopefully, all governments of the world will soon become conversant with this great deception – unless they were either in on it from the beginning or just plainly, stupidly naive.

I have not touched on the Global Elite/WEF cabal behind this madness, but enough has already been published about the no-longer-secret aspirations of this once covert sector of society. Their Covid test served to prove that the world can be controlled – a precursor to their ultimate goal of a New World Order.

Is the SA government really that naive… or are they playing along for monetary gain?

The SA govt. is about to propose mandatory Covid vaccinations for all South Africans as a test run to gauge the degree of control they can impose on the nation. This they are doing on behalf of the global elite already controlling world affairs and who have already boldly declared their plans for a New World Order. Does the govt. believe that the electorate in the country is made up of a big bunch of imbeciles incapable of doing research for themselves?

Here’s yet another article on top of thousands painting a bleak picture of the entire scam.

43,000 Deaths 4 MILLION Injuries Following COVID-19 Vaccines in European Database of Adverse Reactions

April 18, 2022 3:46 pm

The European (EEA and non-EEA countries) database of suspected drug reaction reports is EudraVigilance, verified by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), and they are now reporting 43,005 fatalities, and 3,984,978 injuries following injections of five experimental COVID-19 shots (the first adverse reactions to the Novavax COVID-19 vaccine were recorded in the past 2 weeks). Most of the world continues to be ignorant of the tremendous dangers of the COVID-19 vaccines because they do not investigate for themselves to find out what the truth is, but blindly put their trust in others who are considered “experts” and broadcast in the pharma-funded media who are lying to them. Not understanding the truth regarding COVID-19 vaccines can very easily cost you your life, as we have been documenting for over a year now with hundreds of heart-breaking stories. Here are a few more to put some names and faces to these cold statistics.


PHARMA SNAKES: Thirteen irrefutable FACTS about snake venom, Big Pharma and biological weapons

Revelations keep coming. Here’s an article posted in Natural News.

Friday, April 15, 2022 by: Mike Adams

As the concept of “venom theory” has reverberated around the world this week, many people are shocked to realize how many pharmaceutical medications are derived almost entirely from rattlesnake venom, Gila Monster reptile venom, pit viper venom, scorpion venom and other such sources.

A pain treatment drug named Prialt (see Prialt.com) is actually synthesized by copying the poison of the Magical Cone Snail (conus magus). This poison produces hallucinations, confusion, altered states of consciousness and more. The insert sheet for the Prialt drug carries bizarre warnings such as, “Patients have become unresponsive or stuporous while receiving PRIALT.”

Patients who are made unconscious by the drug may appear to be perfectly conscious, almost as if they are in a zombie state. The warning sheet explains, “During these episodes, patients sometimes appear to be conscious and breathing is not depressed. If reduced levels of consciousness occur, discontinue PRIALT until the event resolves…”

We acknowledge that drugs like Prialt may have practical, beneficiary applications for people who are suffering chronic pain, yet who are unable to take highly addictive opioids for a variety of reasons. However, we take issue with the fact that drug companies and doctors seem to be hiding the origins of these medications from patients. Most doctors aren’t even aware that toxins, poisons and venoms are used as the templates to synthesize extremely toxic peptides that are frequently used in prescription medications, including drugs for heart attacks, diabetes, high blood pressure and more.

Reptile venoms can be weaponized and turned into large-scale chemical weapon systems

Even worse, these reptile venoms can be weaponized and mass produced, then used in a large-scale chemical attack on the population by introducing these toxins into food, water, air or contact surfaces. Just as fentanyl can be weaponized through aerosolization and drone delivery, these reptile venom peptides can also be weaponized and used to mass murder large numbers of people.

Some observers believe this has already happened, and that the mRNA “vaccines” currently being injected into people may deposit instructions for venom peptide synthesis into the cells of the body. If true, this would turn your body into a reptilian venom factory from the inside.

It might also explain why so many side effects of covid vaccines seem to align so closely with the known effects of envenomation (being bitten by a snake, a viper, a scorpion, etc).

Dr. Bryan Ardis covers this in detail in part 3 of my recent interview with him. Many people say this third part is by far the most informative, and it’s all backed by meticulous scientific research:


The Source of your Being

What makes it possible for you to drive a car, push a lawnmower, swing a golf club or perform any physical action? It is your spirit that makes all physical action possible.

Your entire human body, including your brain, is the mechanism that your spirit (the real you) uses to animate your spirit, the real you.

Your physical body has no life whatsoever without your spirit inside of it. You are your spirit. Your words and physical body language are the words and body language of your spiritual body.

The emotional condition and intellectual prowess of your spirit (the real you) are exhibited through your physical body. We do not see each other’s spirit; that is why we all “think” physically and not spiritually.

When your physical body ceases to function as a consequence of sickness, disease, by accident or by violent means your spirit (the real you) departs from your physical body together with the stored memories of everything you (your spirit) has ever thought, said, seen, learned and expressed. This is the SOUL of your spirit, the real you. This is the part of you that comes up for judgement by God.

The Bible tells us to “walk in the spirit” and to “live in the spirit”. What does this mean?

It simply means that we are to be spirit-conscious at all times, knowing that our thoughts take place in our spirit; our words come from our spirit and our physical actions are determined by our spirit. And, above all, know that we are totally exposed to God.

So, the next time you think, speak or perform any physical action, know that your spirit (the real you) is the source of it all.

All of the above is but a brief overview of your make-up as a human being.

I Dare Call It Treason: The Council on Foreign Relations and the Betrayal of America

Taken from News with Views this week.

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) describes itself as a sort of social club where the rich and powerful get together to discuss national and international politics from a rational, non-partisan, patriotic perspective. But, really, what is the Council on Foreign Relations? The CFR is many things.

 It is a millionaires club, a communo-fascist party in power, an intelligence agency, a think tank, a criminal gang, an association of assassins and mass murderers, a cabal of sociopaths and psychopaths, a sect involved in the occult and a pirates’ den.

Moreover, the CFR is the visible head of the Invisible Government of the United States. Its core nucleus is composed of international bankers, oil magnates and CEOs of transnational corporations. But, most importantly, the CFR is the true axis of evil in the world.

The CFR’s main enemy is the people of the world, particularly the American people. This explains why, behind every single act of treason against the American people, you can always find, hiding in the shadows, one or more members of the Council on Foreign Relations. The CFR’s true, secret goal, is the elimination of 85 percent of the world’s population as the first step in establishing a New World Order — a communo-fascist totalitarian dictatorship with just two social classes: the all-powerful masters, living in opulence, and the other 99 percent of the population, made up of oppressed serfs, with no rights at all, living in the most abject economic and moral poverty under a total surveillance police state. Is it time to overthrow the Invisible Government of the United States? Read this book and reach your own conclusions.

Global populist uprising is accelerating as people of the world reject tyranny

Humanity may be finally coming to its senses. Although a great many are still mentally suckered into every “next thing” being pushed by the corporate media, more and more people are waking up and realizing how they’ve been living under a global criminal cartel their entire lives. They’ve reached a “That’s enough” point and are now actively opposing tyranny, lockdowns, corruption and perversion — all of which define the globalist crime cartel that pretends to be supported by “democracy.”

After two years of suffering under covid and now watching fuel and food prices skyrocket, many people have reached their limit of abuse. In the months ahead, you are going to see a rapid, global explosion in protests and riots as people lash out against the abject corruption and criminality of their political leaders.


Common Flu Disappeared – converted to Covid-19 by Dr. Fauci and Partners

The following article by Brian Shilhavy says it all.

425 Different Tests for COVID Still Have Emergency Use Authorizations from the FDA in Third Year of “Pandemic”

April 4, 2022

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

Almost 2 years ago, on May 5, 2020, we published an article reporting that not a single test being used to allegedly detect the COVID-19 virus was approved by the FDA, and that the ones that were granted emergency use authorizations (EUAs) were admitted to be unreliable by the FDA and the pharmaceutical manufacturers.

I included testimony from a reader of Health Impact News who had 43 years of experience in Clinical Diagnostics and was appalled that our nation was being locked down over an alleged virus for which there was no accurate test. See:

Not a Single COVID-19 Test is FDA Approved – Do We Really Know Who has COVID-19 and Who Does Not?

Fast forward now 2 years to today, and the only thing that has changed over these faulty tests is that now there are a lot more of them that have been given EUAs, and still none of them have been granted FDA approval.

This was published on the FDA Roundup News Release on April 1, 2022:

  • COVID-19 testing updates:
    • As of today, 425 tests and sample collection devices are authorized by the FDA under emergency use authorizations (EUAs). These include 293 molecular tests and sample collection devices, 84 antibody and other immune response tests and 48 antigen tests. There are 74 molecular authorizations and 1 antibody authorization that can be used with home-collected samples. There is one EUA for a molecular prescription at-home test, two EUAs for antigen prescription at-home tests, 15 EUAs for antigen over-the-counter (OTC) at-home tests, and three for molecular OTC at-home tests.
    • The FDA has authorized 28 antigen tests and nine molecular tests for serial screening programs. The FDA has also authorized 910 revisions to EUA authorizations.

I read this on the blog of Dr. Meryl Nass over the weekend who wrote:

Just in case you thought that FDA would help to standardize the tests that are used in the US to diagnose COVID-19, you were sorely mistaken. Yesterday, FDA announced the current number of tests it has “authorized” for this purpose: 425 different tests.

Just in case you thought FDA might inform the public as to the most accurate tests, or provide information so that we can compare the different tests to aid in choosing or interpreting them, you would again be mistaken.

Finally, if you thought after two years it was time for FDA to actually start “approving” some tests, so that we might feel secure that they met established standards, you would again be wrong.

It has become only too obvious that the EUA is a trick being used by our federal health agencies to ensure the persistence of COVID confusion, while eliminating all responsibility and liability from the agencies themselves, the manufacturers and all those who administer the products or tests. (Source.)

Notice in the FDA update from April 1st that they have “also authorized 910 revisions to EUA authorizations.”

We have previously reported on how the CDC withdrew their EUA request on certain PCR tests at the end of 2021 because they claimed that some of these COVID tests could not distinguish between an influenza virus, or a COVID-19 virus. See:

CDC to Withdraw Emergency Use Authorization for RT PCR Test Because It Cannot Distinguish Between SARS-CoV-2 and the Flu

Jon Rappoport also wrote about this recently:

CDC/FDA Smoking Gun of Smoking Guns

We have also previously reported how the CDC changed how they reported deaths at the end of 2020, because the statistics at the end of the year were not showing excess deaths in the year the COVID “pandemic” started, and they added about 400,000 deaths to make COVID appear to be a serious killer virus, which then hid the real increase in deaths that occurred in 2021 after the COVID-19 vaccines were rolled out. See:

aths that occurred in 2021 after the COVID-19 vaccines were rolled out. See:

2021: COVID Deaths Increase, Flu Deaths Disappear, 400,000+ More Total Deaths than 2020

This is the biggest scam in the history of the world, as the flu disappeared in 2020 and still remains absent here in 2021, because there just are not enough sick people dying to inflate both flu and COVID numbers.

The Disappearance of the Annual Flu Which was Replaced with COVID-19 Shows Corruption at its Highest Level at the CDC

And the real tragedy that this corruption has caused, besides the fact that the COVID-19 vaccines are destroying people’s lives, is that this group of upper respiratory symptoms that used to be called “influenza” but is now called “COVID-19” is very easily treatable, by either using older drugs that are generally safe such as Ivermectin, or even natural products such as high-dose Vitamin C IV treatment.

But to make sure these existing treatments do not interfere with the new vaccines and drugs that have been given EUAs by the FDA, the FDA has issued 215 warning letters for “Fraudulent Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Products” to protect the pharmaceutical industry and their EUA products “by pursuing warning letters, seizures, injunctions or criminal prosecutions against products and firms or individuals” that dare to defy the FDA by using unauthorized products to actually heal people. (Source.)

So those profiting from a new drug given an EUA like Remdesivir, which we now see kills 25% of the patients who take it, or the experimental COVID-19 vaccines that now have over 1.2 million reports of deaths and injuries in VAERS, face no consequences for the dangers of their products.

But if a doctor heals someone using Vitamin C which has no serious side effects, it is the doctor using Vitamin C who can be arrested as a criminal and lose their career while the criminals at the FDA, CDC, and pharmaceutical companies go free and are sanctioned in their criminal acts.

Welcome to the new world of “medicine” where EUAs for a fake pandemic are perpetuated indefinitely for the profit of Big Pharma, but at the expense of American lives lost from withholding real cures.

BOMBSHELL: Video Emerges Where Fauci and Others Planned for a “Universal mRNA Flu Vaccine” Which Became the “COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine” Because People were not Afraid Enough of the Flu Virus

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