The South African Government has found a solution for the country’s financial woes

The Covid-19 crisis has come as a blessing in disguise for South Africa. By creating and reflecting a quantum-negative situation for the country to the world (announcing a severe lockdown course of action) because of the virus pandemic, the government has created an opportunity to raise billions of rands which otherwise would not have beenContinue reading “The South African Government has found a solution for the country’s financial woes”

Update on daily Death Rate in South Africa

1500 Deaths daily by road carnage, natural causes and violence.  NO LOCKDOWN 270 Deaths daily by legalised abortion. NO LOCKDOWN 4.5 Deaths per day by Covid-19 infection. LOCKDOWN! LOCKDOWN! LOCKDOWN! The World Health Organisation stated yesterday that Covid-19 is likely to be with us forever. Presumably just like TB, HIV, Malaria, etc. The government rejectedContinue reading “Update on daily Death Rate in South Africa”


Although this article points to South Africa, the content is really applicable to all countries taking up sovereignty over land space on this planet. So let’s look at South Africa. “Together, we shall overcome this crisis.” This is the popular phrase used by the government and spokespersons when the Covid-19 lockdown commenced. It is stillContinue reading “COVID-19…DO WE REALLY NEED A LOCKDOWN?”

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