“Loosed for a Little Season” already in motion; the “Thief in the Night” follows next

Many preachers/teachers are holding fast to their futuristic beliefs concerning end time events such as a seven-year tribulation period and a pre-tribulation rapture of the body of Christ, which are based on false narratives set in motion by the Jesuits at the Vatican and taken up by John Nelson Darby and other individuals and theologicalContinue reading ““Loosed for a Little Season” already in motion; the “Thief in the Night” follows next”

The Second Picture for Unbelievers     

Those living in unbelief have a certain picture of God imprinted in their minds and they won’t let go of it, but there is a second picture they need to see.THE FIRST PICTUREMan can be assured of one inescapable thing, without any shadow of a doubt. God is going to destroy the earth in orderContinue reading “The Second Picture for Unbelievers     “

Governments of the world fell for it like donkeys being offered a carrot.

Governments of the world seem to be unable to think for themselves. But the damage has been done. Governments of the world were given a dummy to suck, not knowing that it was laced with a mind-bending poison named DECEPTION. To firmly embed the deception they were plied with huge amounts of funding to plugContinue reading “Governments of the world fell for it like donkeys being offered a carrot.”

Is your White Linen Garment ready?

NO WASHING DETERGENT WILL HELP. This is a post by ElizabethMarie. See the full article here: 2022: THE BRIDE NEEDS TO GET READY!!! HOW TO PREPARE! HOW TO PUT ON YOUR WHITE LINEN GARMENT: (From the article) PURSUE HOLINESS (1 Peter 1:16}SANCTIFY YOURSELF (1 Peter 3:15)RETURN TO YOUR FIRST LOVE (Revelation 2:4-5)FORGIVE AS YOU HAVEContinue reading “Is your White Linen Garment ready?”

The Default Destination can be avoided

AVOID THE DEFAULT DESTINATIONIt has been said that the two most important days of a man’s life are the day on which he was born and the day on which he discovers why he was born.Here’s clarity on the importance of these two days: THE DAY YOU WERE BORN“Thus says God the LORD, he thatContinue reading “The Default Destination can be avoided”

The Reality of Spiritual Warfare on Planet Earth.

It pays to expand one’s horizon by delving deep into biblical truths; one does so by relentless study and research. It is now vividly clear to the writer, more so than ever before, that the world we live in is constantly under the protection of a loving God while our adversary is simultaneously endeavouring toContinue reading “The Reality of Spiritual Warfare on Planet Earth.”

Be drawn to God or remain dead while you live.

Have you ever wondered how it is possible for you to get into your car, turn on the engine, and drive off? It’s really very simple. The only reason why you are able to do so is because the very Life of God is in you. It is called the Breath of Life. The BreathContinue reading “Be drawn to God or remain dead while you live.”

Vaccination Madness – The Good, the Bad and the Evil

Governments of the world are bleating like lambs to the slaughter as they fall for the misinformation from the evil side of the medical profession. The latter are following orders from those in charge of world affairs who have launched their programme to ‘reset’ the world.  Pharmaceutical companies have yet to test their vaccination productsContinue reading “Vaccination Madness – The Good, the Bad and the Evil”

Lies, lies and more lies about Covid post-vaccine fatalities.

More and more medical professionals are voicing their opposition to the Covid vaccination products being pushed and are exposing the agenda behind the frenzied drive to ‘vaccinate’ an unsuspecting world. If the truth be known there would be a global ‘shock’ pandemic and all hell will break loose, but humans are flocking like sheep inContinue reading “Lies, lies and more lies about Covid post-vaccine fatalities.”

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