To all the Marble Collectors of the World

As human beings we interact with each other within the environment we find ourselves in and we react to general circumstances in life, not realizing that every precious moment is a significant event designed to develop a vitally important part of our make-up. DON’T TELL ME YOU’RE NOT A COLLECTOR. Perhaps you’ve never come toContinue reading “To all the Marble Collectors of the World”

WANTED: Alive and Dead

Did you know that you are on the wanted list along with every person on this planet? And did you know that God wants you off that wanted list? You are a target If you are not a Christian it is very likely that you are unaware that you are being targeted to become aContinue reading “WANTED: Alive and Dead”

To whom it may concern

The point of this article will become adequately clear a little later on. I want to get right to it and start at a point which might seem as if I’ve omitted an introduction of some sort. So please bear with me and play along until the message becomes clear and, hopefully, makes the desiredContinue reading “To whom it may concern”

The Power of the Tongue

We constantly see an advert by the World Health Organisation on our television screens highlighting the threatening danger of Covid-19 and how we should stand together to fight this pandemic and we also see regular reporting by the head of the organisation on our screens emphasising that the virus will continue in waves to hitContinue reading “The Power of the Tongue”

Exposing the Greatest Pandemic of all. Can anything be easier to understand than this?

In order to understand why a disease pandemic has gripped the world to the point of lockdown, one has to look at the root cause for the answer. Just about everyone is familiar with the story of Jesus being found guilty of claiming to be God and being sentenced to brutal, physical punishment and death.Continue reading “Exposing the Greatest Pandemic of all. Can anything be easier to understand than this?”


Why would anyone want to write an article such as this one and be subjected to ridicule? In my case I write what comes to me based on observation, knowledge and instruction, I do not really want to do it, but I’m doing it anyway. Let’s just say that I am revealing the truth behindContinue reading “THE CORONAVIRUS MINI-SCALE AND THE PLIGHT OF JOB ON A GLOBAL SCALE”

What now America?

The United States of America finds itself standing on the edge of a cliff. It is a matter of either jumping or doing the right thing. President Trump recently announced that the Coronavirus could kill one million Americans. The 9/11 event killed a few thousand Americans. America’s response was to pursue and kill the leadingContinue reading “What now America?”

Seated in Heavenly Places

Did you know that your area of existence as a human being expanded from your physical abode on earth to a place in the heavenly, spiritual realm right next to Jesus where he is seated and you now operate from within that realm? This means that your life is lived both in heaven and onContinue reading “Seated in Heavenly Places”

The Corona Virus Pandemic – Shifting the Focus Of Attention

A new plague has hit the world causing great concern for the lives it might put in danger, but no such concern is displayed for the carnage and deliberate waste of lives in the killing fields of the Middle East and elsewhere on our plant. Just as the sun rises in the east and setsContinue reading “The Corona Virus Pandemic – Shifting the Focus Of Attention”

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