World Lockdown – Time to Reflect on the Real Purpose

Our values tend to be determined by our world view, that is, what we consider to be the acceptable norm as willed by those in political power and those who lead the way in commerce, entertainment and religion. Much of the world system is driven and manipulated covertly by the rich elite, a secretive groupContinue reading “World Lockdown – Time to Reflect on the Real Purpose”

The 5-level Lockdown Building – soon just a pile of rubble.

The South African Government needs to be commended for having built a 5-storey building overnight – a building so huge that the surface area covered the entire land area of the country. Everyone moved into the top storey of the building to be confined on that floor. Right at the bottom, the ground floor, onlyContinue reading “The 5-level Lockdown Building – soon just a pile of rubble.”

Covid-19…a New Beginning

Adam started something. God is about to finish it. Human Livlihood If we look at the world of Adam (before the fall) and compare it to the fallen world to date, we see a huge difference in human livelihood. Adam was given the opportunity to eat of the fruit of the tree of life andContinue reading “Covid-19…a New Beginning”

The World is one big Correctional Institution

The world is one big prison where everyone is enjoying the freedom of a fake parole, with no-one knowing that they are really on death row awaiting summary execution. THIS PRISON CALLED EARTH The recreational yard of Prison Earth is huge. It covers every acre of Planet Earth wherein its inmates are frantically scurrying aroundContinue reading “The World is one big Correctional Institution”

Cyril Ramaphosa – Man for the Hour

Not unlike Pres. Donald Trump, I believe that Pres. Cyril Ramaphosa is the man for the hour as far as leadership of South Africa is concerned – regardless of his political persuasion. Also a businessman (like Donald Trump), Pres. Ramaphosa can be regarded as the product of Christian prayer in this country and, like pres.Continue reading “Cyril Ramaphosa – Man for the Hour”

CNN, Global lockdown…and Prime Truth Number One

The world’s ignorance of the truth of mankind’s existence is clearly reflected in the stance taken by the news media. Amid the global lockdown concerns and the input of spiritual leaders, CNN (News) reported on and featured a clip showing Dr. Robert Jeffress, a Christian Pastor and one of Pres. Trump’s spiritual advisors, welcoming theContinue reading “CNN, Global lockdown…and Prime Truth Number One”


Why would anyone want to write an article such as this one and be subjected to ridicule? In my case I write what comes to me based on observation, knowledge and instruction, I do not really want to do it, but I’m doing it anyway. Let’s just say that I am revealing the truth behindContinue reading “THE CORONAVIRUS MINI-SCALE AND THE PLIGHT OF JOB ON A GLOBAL SCALE”

What now America?

The United States of America finds itself standing on the edge of a cliff. It is a matter of either jumping or doing the right thing. President Trump recently announced that the Coronavirus could kill one million Americans. The 9/11 event killed a few thousand Americans. America’s response was to pursue and kill the leadingContinue reading “What now America?”

Seated in Heavenly Places

Did you know that your area of existence as a human being expanded from your physical abode on earth to a place in the heavenly, spiritual realm right next to Jesus where he is seated and you now operate from within that realm? This means that your life is lived both in heaven and onContinue reading “Seated in Heavenly Places”

The Significance of the Coronavirus Crisis

The world-wide shutdown of human activity as a result of Covid-19 has virtually turned the globe into one big ghost town. Fear has become the common factor running through all of society, but with it has come an enforced unity among nations and peoples with differences set aside to tackle the threat as one. SoContinue reading “The Significance of the Coronavirus Crisis”

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