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What now America?

The United States of America finds itself standing on the edge of a cliff. It is a matter of either jumping or doing the right thing. President Trump recently announced that the Coronavirus could kill one million Americans. The 9/11 event killed a few thousand Americans. America’s response was to pursue and kill the leadingContinue reading “What now America?”

Seated in Heavenly Places

Did you know that your area of existence as a human being expanded from your physical abode on earth to a place in the heavenly, spiritual realm right next to Jesus where he is seated and you now operate from within that realm? This means that your life is lived both in heaven and onContinue reading “Seated in Heavenly Places”

The Significance of the Coronavirus Crisis

The world-wide shutdown of human activity as a result of Covid-19 has virtually turned the globe into one big ghost town. Fear has become the common factor running through all of society, but with it has come an enforced unity among nations and peoples with differences set aside to tackle the threat as one. SoContinue reading “The Significance of the Coronavirus Crisis”

The Corona Virus Pandemic – Shifting the Focus Of Attention

A new plague has hit the world causing great concern for the lives it might put in danger, but no such concern is displayed for the carnage and deliberate waste of lives in the killing fields of the Middle East and elsewhere on our plant. Just as the sun rises in the east and setsContinue reading “The Corona Virus Pandemic – Shifting the Focus Of Attention”

Opening Statement by the Highest Authority in the Universe

The nation of South Africa – and every nation in the world – is captive to the Babylonian system of politics, commerce, social behaviour and religion. It is a system in rebellion against, in rejection of and at war with the Supreme Ruler and Creator of the Universe. Babylon, in effect, is a dark spiritualContinue reading “Opening Statement by the Highest Authority in the Universe”

INTRODUCTION to ‘The South African Road to Freedom’

The posts on this site will cover and remark upon the current state of the South African political situation and will introduce a clear-cut solution to all the ills of this nation. The truth is, all nations on this planet have been following a common, misdirected path which has led to failure, mistrust, suspicion, corruption,Continue reading “INTRODUCTION to ‘The South African Road to Freedom’”