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If South Africans want an insight into the realities of behind-the-scenes events in the world – then here’s a lot of it

Things in the world of politics are never what they appear to be. The powers that be in the South African government are being drawn into a cauldron of deceit and mayhem like kindergarten children listening intently and believing what they are being told. Awake South African leaders, be informed of the realities that exist versus the false narratives you are being fed by the false Global Elite and the false media under their control.

Here’s a quote from an article by Kelleigh Nelson.

The Totalitarian Schemes of Global Genocidal Maniacs, Part 1

By Kelleigh Nelson|January 31st, 2023

“There is no normalcy within those who are drawn to world conquest and world revolution.  Sympathizers are drawn to the ordinary members, building their ranks.  Think of those in the Republican Party who are members of the World Economic Forum.  Want me to name a few?  Elise Stefanik, Dan Crenshaw, Darrell Issa, Debra Fischer, Eric Holcomb, Michael McCaul, Pat Toomey, Roger Wicker and more.  Kevin McCarthy, who never should have been made Speaker, attends every WEF meeting and has had dinner with Klaus Schwab.  Numerous Stalinist Democrat Party politicians are also WEF members.  They are traitors to their country and traitors to their oaths of office.

Schwab and his top advisor, Yuval Noah Harari, are the two men who are now leading the nation states into their world of complete dystopian domination over the masses.  They’ve infiltrated every government and succeeded in bringing government leaders into the WEF fold.  The Malthusian economics of Schwab and Harari are straight out of Maurice Strong’s depopulation playbook. Strong, father of global warming and United Nations Agenda 21, arguably the most significant and most secretive plan for global transformation, was Klaus Schwab’s friend and mentor.”

Read full article: The Totalitarian Schemes of Global Genocidal Maniacs, Part 1


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Background marketing/advertising. Enjoy writing on the subject of the human make-up based on many years of study in this area.

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