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Throwing some Light on the Human Soul

In order for us to have a better understanding of ourselves as human beings it is important to know what the human soul really is. Knowledge in this area can avert a great many ills.

Look what the chicken brought in
Break out a few eggs into a cold frying pan sitting atop a cold plate on your stove and nothing will happen to those raw eggs. Now turn on the power (electrical or gas) and the cooking process will begin. What you have done is to “energize” the eggs in order for them to be “converted” into a form known as cooked eggs. Without the POWER applied to the process those eggs would have had no “life” added to them. In other words, the EXISTENCE of the eggs would have been MEANINGLESS without the POWER applied to them.

Now note this. You had a POWER SOURCE (electricity or gas flame) which EXTENDED power to the frying pan. As a RESULT of the power being present in the frying pan, the eggs underwent a PROCESS to make their EXISTENCE MEANINGFUL for you.

You could also say that the CONTENTS of the pan took on a MEANINGFUL EXISTENCE because of the POWER added to them.

I hope I don’t get egg on my face with this illustration, so let me quickly move on.

Throw out all those memories
It is early morning. You have just woken up. Sitting up, you look around you and absolutely nothing makes sense to you. You don’t know who, or even what, you are. Unbeknown to you, while you slept your entire memory had been wiped out. Every single event ever experienced by you since birth was gone. Even if someone tried to tell you that you now had the mental capacity of a newborn baby it would make no sense to you simply because you had no understanding of language. The memory of that, too, was erased.

Your very first memory of sights and sounds was gone. The memory of the very first sound of your mother’s voice was gone. Memories of childhood and further growing up experiences were gone. Memories of your education and work experiences, all the activities of your life as well as every emotion ever felt, were simply all gone. Yes, even in your grown-up state, you might as well exchange your pyjamas for nappies and start all over again.

We could handle this situation in one of two ways. If you’re still quite young and your parents are not too old, we could start the process all over again and “raise you up” until you reached your former level of MENTAL CONTENT. And let’s say that everything would be identical to all you’ve experienced the first time around.

Or, we could simply just arrange for you to regain all the MEMORY CONTENT that you had lost. How about that one?

Okay, we’ll do it. Relieved?

How lucky can you get!

Abracadabra… you have it all back.

The Power of One
You have just regained your SOUL.

You see, the spirit part of your human make-up was made in the image and likeness of God.

Therefore, this is the part of you that has LIFE. It is this LIFE that has consciousness, individuality, intellect, emotions and the ability to store the memory of it all.

Just like POWER was applied to the eggs in the pan to energize them, in like manner your spirit energized or gave MEANING to the EXISTENCE of this SOUL-KNOWLEDGE within you. This means that without the spirit there can be no soul.

Since birth your spirit has been responsible for absorbing KNOWLEDGE, and turning it into MEMORY, within itself. And the more you learn through your physical senses and absorb it into your spirit, the more your soul grows in knowledge-content.

It is your life-giving spirit that decides what to do with the knowledge it gains, that is, what to do with the soul content it has taken in.

Your spirit has an “executive” component called the MIND. The “Chief Executive Officer”, if you like.  This MIND of your spirit holds sway over what is emitted from the spirit through the physical body in speech and action. And it can only produce from what it has available in SOUL-CONTENT as held by the spirit.

The MIND, therefore, decides how your spirit is going to portray your SOUL-CONTENT to the world.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
What the world sees or hears, therefore, is your WORD. What comes out of you is what your MIND takes from your SPIRIT-SOUL for consumption by those around you. Everyone gets to know you by your WORD, for you and your Word are ONE.

Your spirit and your soul do not play independent roles. By this I mean that your soul has no life without the spirit. In effect, your soul is the personality and character of your spirit (your life) as developed from the point of birth to the present.

Your SOUL counts as a “unit” of life, energized and brought to consciousness by your spirit, complete with individuality of mind, intellect, emotions and memory, but only because of the life of your spirit giving it such status.

The memories of both the good and bad moments of your life remain in your soul.

Your soul is the overall REPRESENTATION of you in spirit, heart, mind, word and body. You are “counted” as a soul, such as in a census of human population. God counts you as either a saved or lost soul.

If, after having read this, you failed to gain a better understanding of the human soul, then at least you learned how to fry eggs. And from now on, behave yourself. Your soul will expose all.


Published by earthboundlife

Background marketing/advertising. Enjoy writing on the subject of the human make-up based on many years of study in this area.

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