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What is the reason for God’s love for you?

No matter how attractive or unattractive you are in your physical frame, God loves you because you are His offspring. He is your original Father in the spiritual realm responsible for your very existence.

Your earthly parents were the “surrogate” means for God to deliver you into this physical world, just like your grandparents were the surrogate means for your parents to be delivered into this world.

You were created in the image and after the likeness of your heavenly Father, which makes you a spiritual being, but God added a physical body through which you, your spirit, would execute the personification of your spirit on this planet designed and created by God for your habitation.

How can you know that your spirit is the real you?

Here’s how: You have an Owner’s Manual, the Bible. The Bible speaks of you as having a troubled spirit; an anguished spirit; a jealous spirit; a hardened spirit; a sorrowful spirit; a contrite spirit; a broken spirit; a steadfast spirit; a hasty spirit; a provoked spirit; a haughty spirit; a humble spirit; a vexed spirit; a patient spirit; a proud spirit; a heavy spirit, and many more expressions to do with your consciousness and emotions as a spirit.

This serves to prove that your consciousness as a living entity lies in your spirit. God identifies you by your spirit and is always aware of what your spirit does through your physical body.  

Your spirit is the source of your intellectual attributes and deliberations, not your physical brain.

Your physical senses are ‘wired’ to your spirit so that your spirit may experience the external environment in which you live and to react to the circumstances of your spiritual life on earth.

God’s Word to you says that you are to “walk in the spirit” and to “live in the spirit”. This merely means that you should always be conscious of the fact that you are a spiritual being living through a physical body.

Now you know why God loves you. You belong to Him. He is your heavenly Father. You are His spiritual offspring – and He desires for you to have a personal relationship with Him through Jesus Christ.

Published by earthboundlife

Background marketing/advertising. Enjoy writing on the subject of the human make-up based on many years of study in this area.

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