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Last night, 22nd March, Pres. Cyril Ramaphosa announced the new regulations for the country of South Africa concerning the Covid pandemic.

Well, let’s look at the bigger picture on a global scale that involves the upper echelon of society – the Global Elitists, the ones that have always been in control of world affairs.

The enormity of the subterfuge implemented and exercised by global elitists has had a blinding effect on the livelihood of the world’s ordinary citizenry over recent decades. These global elitists operate from within the ranks of the top echelons in business, politics and banking institutions, mostly under the umbrella of societies operating secretively so as not to expose their ill-omened agenda for an unsuspecting world. They have been responsible for the toppling of governments and wars between nations over a period of many years. Their agenda is a One World Government under their control – and it is no longer a hidden agenda. Pres. Joe Biden has just announced that America wants to take the lead in establishing this “New World Order”.

The current fake Covid 19 pandemic was deliberately imposed upon the world as a trial run for world dominance and control. Yes, the Covid virus is real, but it was clandestinely created in a laboratory in Wuan, China and unwittingly funded by the American government for implementation by Dr. Anthony Fauci. By now the whole world knows about the fraudulent Fauci/Bill Gates/Big Pharma scam. They are all members of the global elite.

Just as a reminder of what has already been established (but denied by the Fauci crowd), and as just briefly; the testing method for Covid 19 renders all respiratory viruses as Covid 19 inclusive of the ordinary flu virus which our natural immune system is able to overcome, except in severe cases, hence the annual flu deaths around the world each year. But ordinary flu deaths now go down as “Covid-related”.

The recovery rate for Covid is about 97%, which means there never needed to be a world-wide lockdown. People recovered mostly from the ordinary flu – not Covid. Secondly, the so-called “vaccination” products are not genuine vaccination serums, but purely experimental jabs (hurriedly concocted) supposedly designed to boost our immune system. It has had the opposite effect with hundreds of harmful side effects. More people have died from these “vaccinations” than from Covid, especially in America and India. As already reported on news media channels, attorneys in India have filed criminal charges against Dr. Fauci and company.

The next step in the overall design of the globalist’s evil intent upon the world is to do away with fiat currency and replace it with digital currency. As we speak, central banks are hard at work to make it a reality. They have been commissioned to go ahead by Pres. Biden for the United States and other countries are following suit.

The “You will own nothing and be happy” catchphrase made famous by World Economic Forum chairman, Klaus Schwab, is about to become a reality. (Klaus Schwab is one of the many heads of the global elite bunch.) This means that, under a One World Government, your current worth will be calculated and you will be allocated a monthly value in digital currency to be fully utilised for that month – or lose it. And what you spend it on will be closely monitored.

Now, to come back to what Pres. Ramaphosa announced on the evening of 22nd March in that proof of vaccination will be required for admission to gatherings; this is a forerunner for what the globalists will implement with regard to digital currency. Not being registered for an official allocation of digital currency under a New World order will mean no buying and selling – thus, “You will own nothing and be happy.” Enforced registration will become the order of the day, meaning, the declaration of your net worth of which you will be disowned for the purpose of determining your digital allocation. You will own nothing and be happy.

There is more to it, but suffice to say that The Great 21st Century Deception is about to become a reality in motion.

Don’t believe any of this? Wait and see. Follow the real media, not the corporate media owned by the global elite.

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Background marketing/advertising. Enjoy writing on the subject of the human make-up based on many years of study in this area.

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