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The War In Ukraine Is Going To Trigger The Biggest Global Food Crisis That Any Of Us Have Ever Seen Before

Originally posted on End Time Bible Prophecy:
Michael Snyder By the end of 2022, we are going to witness very serious shortages of food in many parts of the globe.  In fact, World Bank President David Malpass is openly admitting that we are now facing “a huge supply shock” as a result of the war in Ukraine. …

Dangerous Pfizer Vaccine Fraud Fully Exposed: Digital Currency, Digital IDs and the Global Debt Problem

Originally posted on End Time Bible Prophecy:
By Dr. Joseph Mercola Global Research, March 06, 2022   Former BlackRock portfolio manager Edward Dowd is speaking out about the real motivations behind the pandemic, which include a global debt problem and an imminent global collapse of the financial industry. After the Great Financial Crisis, the decision was made to…