Governments of the world fell for it like donkeys being offered a carrot.

Governments of the world seem to be unable to think for themselves. But the damage has been done. Governments of the world were given a dummy to suck, not knowing that it was laced with a mind-bending poison named DECEPTION. To firmly embed the deception they were plied with huge amounts of funding to plug the economic damage the Covid pandemic would bring and to financially reward the medical profession for falsifying Covid report-backs and claims. In other words, the Covid pandemic had to be ‘promoted’ at all costs as a matter of urgency.

Governments did not even consult with their own medical experts on the efficacy of the supposed vaccination products hastily created by big pharma and unleashed on an unsuspecting, naive world. However, this naivety even extended to health departments under government control. Not even they bothered to conduct independent research into the legitimacy of the so-called ‘vaccination’ shots.

Even worse, they did not question the Covid testing method. It has been verified that the PCR testing method is flawed. It cannot distinguish between the Covid virus and that of the common flu, hence the grossly-inflated ‘positive’ results.

Video: “The PCR-RT is a Process. It Does Not Tell You that You Are Sick”: The Late Dr. Kary Mullis, Nobel Laureate and Inventor of the PCR-RT

Hopefully, the above video has not been removed from circulation. Read the article:-

Cancelling TRUTH Across the Board

The fact that there is a 95%-plus recovery rate means that 95% of the positives were actually a variety of flu-strain positives and that less than 5% were Covid positives. This explains why sportsmen, after testing positive, are able to resume their sporting activities so soon after a brief period of isolation. They had a flu virus taken care of by their own immune system and/or existing medication freely available over the counter.

It also turns out that the actual Covid virus is treatable by existing, inexpensive drugs, but these have been downplayed by big pharma and even banned to be replaced by the official “COVID protocol.”

Ever wondered what happened to the common flu stats? They’ve been converted to the label, “Covid-related”.

What does all of this mean? It means that there never needed to be a lock down. It means that there never needed to be the destruction of businesses, the economy and the lives of millions of people all over the world – all courtesy of the Globalist Elite who have engineered the fake pandemic and whose identities and agendas have already been made known to the world by journalists and the medical professionals in opposition to the Covid madness imposed upon the world by these associates of evil intent.

Here’s a comment by Frank Hummer on an article recently published in

QUOTE: I appreciate the effort in the article. It gives a summary of the virus and the vaccines as it has officially been presented to the public. Unfortunately much of the official information is incorrect and incomplete. We should refuse to count deaths with covid as deaths caused by covid. We should also account for the fact that governments and medical authorities disallowed many effective, safe, cheap, non-“vaccine”, treatments against the virus (causing many unnecessary covid deaths). When we take all this things into account, we see that covid-19 is/was about 1.5 to 2 times as bad as many seasonal flus. So the current article would have been just as appropriate in 1968 when we had the Hong Kong flu. There are no vaccines for covid. The moderna and pfizer mRNA treatments don’t work as vaccines. For something to be a vaccine, it has to do what a vaccine does. My leaf blower isn’t a lawn mower. The moderna and pfizer products are pre-emptive treatments. Their “effectiveness” — calculated as about 95% — was calculated in a manner that is not generally used. I think the actual effectiveness was about 19%, using their own (Moderna and Pfizer’s) data, but not using their methods. I say “was” of course because the virus has mutated. It was predicted that the “vaccines” would cause “immune escape”, and they did. The “vaccines” promoted the proliferation of the delta variant. This phenomenon — which we have now seen — was predicted by experts early in 2021, and was part of the argument used by experts to warn us that the “vaccines” should not be used. Medical authorities used them anyway. Experts warned us that vaccines against respiratory viruses were doomed to failure, and now we’ve seen that play out in 2021. Also, the toxic spike proteins, that the mRNA treatments cause people’s bodies to produce, have hideous side effects. This is happening with a frequency and a severity that is about 100 times worse than the side effects that have caused other vaccines to be withdrawn from use. And probably many of those were actually vaccines, not just pretend vaccines. The risks from a properly-treated covid infection are significantly less than the risks from the “vaccines”. I say that knowing that covid (or SARS-2) is a serious illness. So, MY own personal war is against the ridiculous medical establishment, government-empowered ignoramuses like Fauci, and the mainstream media’s naive examination of covid and its treatments. UNQUOTE.

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