Covid jabs; a world-wide cessation on the cards?

The voices of highly qualified scientists in the medical field are getting louder and louder in their opposition to the Covid vaccination drive. The powers that be are hard at work endeavouring to silence those voices, but their wet blankets trying to beat a few flames to death are becoming like wet handkerchiefs beating down on a wildfire. World-wide, members of the public are beginning to get the picture and have taken to the streets in protest against the enforcement of the lockdowns and the untested, unproven vaccination serums.

It has been made very clear, in no uncertain terms, by numerous scientists, researchers and informed writers that the vaccination drive is a concerted effort by a consort of sinister self-serving upper echelon societies, partnering corporations and the banking elite to actually depopulate the world and obtain greater control than they currently have. As far-fetched as this may sound, it is a fact. It certainly goes a lot deeper than this, but not many will understand.

Out with the common flu – in with Covid
Common influenza statistics have suddenly left the building. It has taken a nosedive into another category called, “Covid-related”. The fact is that the Covid testing devices are designed to show the common flu virus as ‘Covid’. That’s why there is a recovery rate of well over 90% by people who contracted (or carry) nothing more than the common flu virus which our natural immune system takes care of except in the case of those with weakened  immune systems.

Yes, the actual Covid virus is real. It is real because it has been made real by an act of creation by those forming part of the plot rid the world of “excess human baggage”. In this regard please see, The Chariots of the Roman Empire are in full cry.

The Covid virus now in hiding
The irony of the matter is that the ‘inventors’ of the Covid virus have solicited co-accomplice pharmaceutical companies to come up with an overnight solution knowing full well that such a task would be well-nigh impossible. Not being able to isolate and identify the virus in order to create, develop and test a true vaccination product, they opted for a serum that would supposedly boost our own immune system to fight the virus, but it is doing just the opposite, hence the severe consequences of serious side effects ending in health disabilities and death – precisely up the alley of the death squad at large.

The vaccination products doing the rounds are nowhere near worthy of the label, ‘vaccination’. It is plainly and simply a hoax while billions of dollars are being made while they’re at it. The forthcoming ‘booster shots’ will serve to boost nothing other than the coffers of the death squad.

The alternative products void of the need for lockdowns and masks
I quote hereunder an excerpt from an article by Rebecca Terrell concerning the absurdity of the untested vaccination products created by the pharmaceutical companies (undoubtedly in cahoots with the sinister powers that be) in the face of readily-available, alternative products for the treatment of the disease.

 “Dwarfing these crimes is the epidemic of silence about clinically proven treatments for COVID such as hydroxychloroquine (HCQ). “A glaring difference between countries with high COVID mortality” and those with “low mortality is the early use of HCQ,” notes the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), a professional group representing thousands of healthcare practitioners. AAPS is suing the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for blocking their patients’ access to the proven, lifesaving medicine.

Last year, even as the Trump administration sent millions of doses overseas as prophylaxis for medical workers, the FDA inexplicably revoked its authorization for use of HCQ and chloroquine (CQ) in COVID cases stateside, making the unsubstantiated claim that these meds — which have been safely used for more than 60 years — were ineffective against COVID and could cause harm. When several U.S. senators demanded an explanation, the agency sent a seven-page dodge, citing no proof. “The FDA’s response is evasive and fails to answer several of the Senators’ excellent questions,” remarked AAPS. “If the FDA responded like this in a court of law, a judge would order it to answer the questions asked.” AAPS points to the website, a database of hundreds of scientific studies cataloging the overwhelming success of HCQ and other popular COVID treatments worldwide.

A renowned success story relates to AAPS member and master of public health Dr. Peter McCullough, a practicing specialist and professor of medicine at Texas A&M College of Medicine. The most published expert in his field, he developed a treatment early in the pandemic that statistics prove could have saved 85 percent of COVID hospitalizations and lives lost. But, he told The New American in an April interview, early intervention is key to treatments such as his, thereby exposing the viciousness of policymakers urging people to stay home until their symptoms become bad enough to require hospital treatment. By the time those patients need ventilators, it’s often too late, and many die.”

See full article. Covid Lies

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“The Luciferian Globalists, under the rule of Satan, are making their push to implement Global Medical tyranny and turn every country they can into a medical police state. They want to vaccinate every single person on the planet, and they are pulling out all the stops to try and instil fear into the people to force them to comply.”

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