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Covid-19 vaccination dangers: It is not a matter of misinformation being publicised via social media.

The only information released by the pharmaceutical companies in support of their Covid vaccination products is their indemnity form releasing them from all legal liability should their products seriously disable or even be the cause of death to recipients of the vaccination trial jabs.

None of the vaccination products have as yet been approved by governing bodies; they have only been ‘authorised’ by panic-stricken governments on a worldwide scale and vigorously promoted by a concerted covert operation under the auspices of the UN, WHO, WEF and their associates in the elitist cartels striving for a global reset. 

None of the (overnight) tests conducted by pharmaceutical companies have isolated the guilty viruses in order for them to produce the required antibodies. Instead, a concoction of chemical ingredients has been put together on a trial basis in the hope that – put simply – it would work. After all, there is that indemnity form to protect them. All the guinea pig animals used in the testing laboratories have died from the vaccination test jabs. No indemnity forms for them, of course.

The role of the social media.
Unlike the lack of information from the pharmaceutical companies, the thousands of individuals using social media platforms have alerted their readers to an overwhelming abundance of information made available by many highly qualified professionals who have painstakingly analysed the so-called ‘vaccinations’ marketed by iconic companies and have found these products to be destructive and dangerous, to say the least. These medical scientists are being silenced and even threatened. Some have lost their jobs.

Social media users are merely the messengers for the anti-vaccination experts. They have done their homework by investigating the information from both parties. They are neither the promoters of false conspiracy theories nor the distributors of misinformation. Of course, there would be one or two social media users desiring to be idiots by adding rubbish ideas to the truth.

The crux of the matter is that there are social media users who bother to investigate and locate relevant information while others don’t bother at all and, therefore, have no information and will take their jabs like the good doctor says. The paradox is that the latter will take their shots based on information being withheld from them by the very parties who are supposed to provide the information.

Governments – and their health departments – have been duped to simply go by the word of the cartels that have preplanned the pandemic and organised the vaccination drive. There is absolute proof of this. It needs to be understood that the vaccination ploy is merely a means to an end.

It is virtually a foregone conclusion that ‘vaccination’ will become a legal requirement, in which case there will be no argument or choice in the matter.

Here’s a recent article by just one of many writers on the subject of vaccination trials. It provides comprehensive information on the vaccination products and the sinister undercurrent behind the frenzied drive to ‘vaccinate’ the world.  

COVID-19’s 800 Ton Elephant in the Room

Here are just three (of many more) papers containing solid information that the world should heed.

Mass-murderer Anthony Fauci

Canadian doctor 62 patients vaccinated have permanent heart damage

Whistleblower taking legal action

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