Your spirit is alive and well and living inside your body

It is only natural for us to use pronouns to refer to ourselves or others in the words we speak, as in, “I don’t know what I’ll be doing tomorrow, but I know what you will be doing.”

Who does the “I” or the “you” refer to in any sentence where we use these pronouns? Better still, who is doing the talking when words come out of our mouths? It is certainly not our body or our brain nestled between our ears doing the talking. The words we speak emanate from our spirit, which constitutes our life – the real “you” or “me”.

The words of our spirit come out of our mouth because our mouth is the “funnel” through which our spirit speaks. Your brain can be likened to a highly sophisticated spirit-powered physical engine room linked to your spirit and on continual standby for instructions from your spirit. Your brain has no say in any matter – it does what your spirit tells it to do.

Your spirit uses your brain to animate your body in line with the thoughts and actions taking place in your spirit. If your spirit decides to turn thoughts into words it will trigger the speech centre of your brain to release the words and perhaps also instruct your brain to be impactful by using body language as you speak.

Let’s put it in perspective and consider the following scenarios.

People sitting together at a table having a chat are human spirits having a chat.

Business executives having a board meeting are human spirits having a board meeting.

Courtrooms are filled with human spirits deliberating on the fate of those human spirits accused of crimes against other human spirits.

Members of Parliament are elected human spirits representing the human spirits of those who elected them.

A person driving a car is a human spirit driving a car.

A housewife doing grocery shopping is a human spirit doing grocery shopping and perhaps filling her basket with too many unhealthy items for consumption by the physical bodies of her family.

Your human spirit resembles your human body which, in turn, is very likely to resemble the likeness of your lineage and their DNA make-up.

Your intellect, emotions, memory bank and all the information ever absorbed throughout your lifetime are firmly embedded in your spirit and, in essence, reflect the unique personality and character of your soul.

Your spirit has another component known as your mind, the ‘chief executive officer’ of your spirit.  And it is this spiritual mind of yours that determines your success or your failure and the quality of relationships with others. The mind of your spirit will not always agree with your spirit, depending on the condition of your spirit. Your brain is merely the physical servant of your spirit and the mind of your spirit.

The Bible speaks of a troubled spirit; an anguished spirit; a jealous spirit; a hardened spirit; a sorrowful spirit; a contrite spirit; a broken spirit; a steadfast spirit; a hasty spirit; a provoked spirit; a haughty spirit; a humble spirit; a vexed spirit; a patient spirit; a proud spirit; a heavy spirit and many more expressions to do with emotions.

This certainly serves to prove that the spirit part of the human make-up forms the conscious, living part of man and that the condition it is in may well determine the words of our mouth. This is where your mind plays a huge role. Some people (human spirits) tend to be vindictive, argumentative and self-entitled and it is the spiritual human mind that decides to display this side of the spirit’s personality to fellow human spirits. Your mind can either be a powerhouse of achievement and success or a powerhouse of destruction and failure.

So, the next time you start a sentence beginning with “I”, remember who is about to do the talking. Let the words of your spirit be worthy of being heard by the spirits of those around you.

Your Word is your Book
Our walk through life, the directions we take and the choices we make are all recorded. It all adds up to our own personal book of life which others are able to read and assess.

From the moment we are born we start a process of communication between ourselves and those around us. Inherent in all of us is a need for attention and to impress others. How well we do it determines our rewards in life. For this reason it is vital that we develop the image we would like to project to the world.

Self-examination is a good starting point, but this would serve very little purpose if we do not even know what defines our identity. Knowing who and what you really are will place you in a position to re-invent yourself before launching yourself to the world and quickly establish a benchmark brand for your refurbished identity. So, who are you really?

From the point of birth you started becoming aware of an environment filled with sights and sounds. Soon all five of your physical senses were active in absorbing all there was to offer from one phase of your growth to the next. After years of nurturing, love and affection, and having completed your education, you were ready to face the world that would reward you for your services. The question is, what did you have to offer and what could the sea of humanity expect from you?

Everything you have ever absorbed through your five senses from birth to the present has worked together to form your personality and character. Your thoughts are limited to your experiences and your spoken words will be based on your thoughts. You are what you think and say.

You might have a leaning towards certain traits, tendencies and habits, mainly because of the constant exposure to your parents and peers who have displayed these oddities. You are “filled” with the memories of your life experiences, with all the actions, decisions and choices ever made and words ever spoken. Your intellect has developed as a consequence of these experiences.

You are, therefore, the sum total of what you have seen, heard, smelled, tasted and touched. All of this, put together, represents your word. As a “sense-knowledge” creature, the only thing you can offer the world is your word. People judge you by your word, for you and your word are one. Your personality and character consist of your unspoken word (thoughts produced by your intellect) and your spoken word. As a living, walking, human creature, you are a “holder” of a word with your name on it. From the world’s point of view, you are nothing more than that.

If anyone should ask of you, “Who are you?” you might as well answer, “I am my word, and the name of my word is John Smith”. Or if someone named Mary paid a visit to your home today, then you could say that the word of Mary was with you today. Ever thought of it that way?

This, then, is your identity – your word. But it does not stop there. This word of yours is also your book of life. You’ve been writing your very own book since birth. You add pages to it every day and you will do so until your life ends. That’s when your book of life will be in Divine Hands, ready to be opened at the right time.

Now that you know exactly who you are, are you going to make your book a boring one? Or are you going to make it a bestseller? Get off the couch. It’s filling up idle pages in your book. There are autograph hunters out there and they’re looking for a good book. Let it be yours.


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Background marketing/advertising. Enjoy writing on the subject of the human make-up based on many years of study in this area.

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