Separation of Church and State means Separation from Life

Our Parliament is filled with politicians from various parties who were elected to represent the people of the land who voted for them. Each one of these politicians has to conform to an unwritten law that states that God is to be separated from the workings of Government, the decisions of Government and that God may not be referred to or enlisted as a consultative entity for Parliament. In other words, there is to be a separation of Church and State. Only where there is a swearing or affirmation, by taking an oath, may the word, ‘God’, be used – as in “so help me God.”

The South African Constitutional Law states that all religions must be respected and no preference should be given to any religion. Therefore, it is Law in Government that the name ‘God’, by which name an oath is to be sworn, is not the God of the Christian faith, but is the God of all religions regardless of whether or not they be false. Therefore, when the South African President ends any one of his addresses to the nation on television with a “May God bless our country and our people”, he is really referring to a universal God, not the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob exclusively – otherwise he would be breaking Constitutional Law.

Even political parties that have the word, ‘Christian’, forming part of the name of their party – such as the African Christian Democratic Party – have to adhere to the separation of Church and State ruling and may, therefore, not quote from the Bible for the purpose of admonishment, which would be an act of suggesting that the Christian faith is to form the only moral standard to follow by the Government.

What does all of this mean? It means that we have a bunch of spiritually-dead people in Parliament going through the motions of governing and representing a nation of people whom they have severed from the one true God by an act of Law.

No wonder we have certain members of Parliament engaging in verbal slinging matches and publicly stating that certain race groups should be dispossessed and killed. And no wonder that South Africa is fraught with corruption and rated as a junk-status nation, while it could have been totally different if the following words were heeded and embedded in our Constitution. “Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD;” (Ps 33:12)

The only reason that members of Parliament are able to physically stand or sit in Parliament is because of the Breath of Life within their physical bodies as given to them by the only true God, the God who sent His Word, Jesus Christ, to redeem the human race. Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life and no-one can come to God except through Him as per John 14:6.
But our Constitution says that there are many other ways to God, therefore Jesus Christ should be ignored.

The actual fact is, there would be no life on earth at all (let alone in Parliament) if it were not for the Word, Jesus Christ, “For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him: And he is before all things, and by him all things consist.” (Col 1:16,17)

Just think, members of Parliament, because of Jesus Christ you are able to open your mouths in Parliament and speak. For the same reason you are able to drive luxury cars, live in sumptuous homes, eat as much as you want and then many of you can place your obesity on the seats in Parliament while the poor and hungry await the fulfilment of the promises you made to them should they vote for you.

The Church is the Body of Christ made possible by the Grace of God. Parliament should acknowledge God as Lord of the nation and write it into our Constitution. Amend the Constitution by removing all the ‘freedom of religion’ clauses and inserting “Our nation serves the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob through our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.”  This does not prohibit followers of other religions to do as they please in their private capacity and neither should they be harassed by any means for their religious persuasion.

If we want to blessed as a nation then we need to make a quick decision and there need be no consultation with anyone about making the decision. A decision, by the Government, favouring God exclusively will place our land on a quick recovery and we can say goodbye to Covid-19. “Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits: Who forgives all your iniquities; who heals all your diseases;” (Ps 103:2,3)

Just about every nation in the world has the ‘freedom of religion’ stupidity enshrined in their Constitution along with the ideology of separation of Church and State. The whole world lies in darkness because of it. The time is coming – and it will be soon as is blatantly evident as we see the world and its people reeling like drunkards – when Jesus Christ will, “In flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ: Who shall be punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord, and from the glory of his power;” (2Thess. 1:8,9)

The Government of South Africa has to make a decision and choose whom it will serve. Hopefully it will be, “… but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.” (Joshua 24:15)

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