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Although this article points to South Africa, the content is really applicable to all countries taking up sovereignty over land space on this planet. So let’s look at South Africa.

“Together, we shall overcome this crisis.” This is the popular phrase used by the government and spokespersons when the Covid-19 lockdown commenced. It is still being used whenever official progress reports are made to the public on the status of the Covid-19 crisis.

This supposedly means that if citizens conduct their activities responsibly by obeying the laws, rules and regulations concerning the lockdown, we will minimise the infection rate and the fatalities that follow.

Now let’s examine the South African birth and death rates according to recent official statistics prior to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Just over 1500 people die daily, whether by accident, natural causes or by violent means. That s about 551 000 per year. This includes about 65 farm murders per year.

Just over 2700 new births occur daily, totalling 1 million per year. That’s 1200 more births than deaths on a daily basis.

The deaths not included in the death statistics for South Africa are those that are killed by genocide – the deliberate killing of a large group of people considered to be unwanted or of no consequence should they be disposed of. Our government has labelled it “Legalised Abortion”. The annual murder statistic for this category has risen to over 100 000 per year – that’s over 270 per day.

How many people have died from Covid-19 to date? At the time of writing 185 people have succumbed since the lockdown began. That’s about 4 people per day.

Let’s summarise the daily death rates.

1500 Deaths daily by accident, natural causes and violence. Not included here are:

270 Deaths daily by legalised abortion and

4 Deaths per day by Covid-19 infection.

Looking at these figures, how do we justify a national lockdown, thereby pouring our economy down the drain when no such thing was ever considered for the deaths caused by violence, road carnage and genocide.

There are laws for the road and laws covering criminal behaviour for citizens of a country to abide by, but it is not said,
“Too many people are dying on the road and too many are murdered. Let’s have a lockdown and stand together to overcome this crisis.”

Thousands die from sicknesses and diseases every year. It is not said,
“Too many people are dying from sicknesses and diseases every day. Let’s have a lockdown and stand together to overcome this crisis.”

The government has legalised the killing of 270 people each day. It is not said,
“Let’s reconsider this law. Too many are dying because of it. Let’s have a lockdown and stand together to overcome this crisis.”

But only 4 people are dying each day as a result of new, additional disease that has struck the world. With sombreness and fear-filled resolve we deliberately lock down all livelihood and take down our economy with it and say, “Together we shall overcome this crisis.”

Surely, now that we are familiar with the extent of this new disease and we have passed laws for citizens to obey, such as distancing and the wearing of masks, etc, why do we not shake off this stupidity and return to normality so that we can start rebuilding our economy without further delay?

Yes, of course we do not want to lose our loved ones, but we are losing our loved ones every day through other sicknesses and diseases, road carnage and murder.  We are, in effect, paying billions of rands for this new disease causing very little additional harm in comparison, in so doing imposing untold misery on the entire population.

Naturally, strict rules should be followed and special precautions should be put in place at schools to protect our young children and this is where the government should provide extra funding to ensure that risks are absolutely minimal with severe penalties for schools that do not comply. Supervision should be of paramount importance.

With the lockdown gone and the economy showing a sharp, positive climb, the government will then be in a position to focus on the eradication of the Covid-19 scourge in our laboratories and not on how to enforce the current lockdown with money continuing to pour into a bottomless pit.

Terminating the lockdown is not a matter of placing the economy above the lives of people. We’ve been doing it anyway prior to the lockdown despite the daily death rate caused by other diseases, road accidents, violent crime and abortions.

A country without economic activity is a country filled with misery, poverty, death and destruction. In fact, it is not a country at all – it is just an area of land where people lie down and hope to die.


Published by earthboundlife

Background marketing/advertising. Enjoy writing on the subject of the human make-up based on many years of study in this area.


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