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Cyril Ramaphosa – Man for the Hour

Not unlike Pres. Donald Trump, I believe that Pres. Cyril Ramaphosa is the man for the hour as far as leadership of South Africa is concerned – regardless of his political persuasion. Also a businessman (like Donald Trump), Pres. Ramaphosa can be regarded as the product of Christian prayer in this country and, like pres. Trump, is God-appointed for this time in the history of South Africa. I, personally, rate Pres. Ramaphosa as the most outstanding and most qualified of all previous leaders of this country and he is well-respected in world political circles.

Christians in America are largely pro-Trump by reason of his positive stance towards Israel. Pres. Ramaphosa would do well to follow suit for the sake of the future success of this country. This is crucially important and it should not be ignored. I would urge him to research the matter by consulting with those in the know in the Body of Christ. In this regard I would also refer him to the following.

“Israel In Bible Prophecy.”

The true nature of the BDS movement.”

Is It True That God Blesses Those Who Bless Israel and Curses Those Who Curse Israel?”

Last, but definitely not least, there is an ‘antidote’ for the Coronavirus which can be administered with immediate effect.  SEE HERE.




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